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100 percent customer satisfaction is our goal with every order we ship. To achieve this aim, we use a rigorous inspection, testing, and approval process throughout every step in our manufacturing operation. All departments cooperate under ISO 9001 criteria for a quality management system using Six Sigma concepts and tools.


Our responsibility does not end when we ship your order. Should the situation ever arise, we can trace every single order that has ever left our facility, and provide you with all inspection and testing data for those parts. Whether that part was manufactured a month ago or ten years ago, we will assist you in gathering all the information you need for analysis.

Our Quality Control process includes:

  • Evaluation of our manufacturing equipment at regular intervals 

  • Calibration of measuring instruments on a 90-day schedule 

  • Metallurgical testing of all our grade powders
  • Visual inspections and thickness/weight control on the in-process product 
  • Laboratory inspection of the final product
    to verify that dimensional and metallurgical properties conform to the industry or the customer requirements


  • Final visual inspection on all products
    when packaging 

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