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We serve a wide variety of industries and applications, and as a result, we have built up an inventory of over 5000 sets of tooling. That inventory allows us to quote, manufacture, and ship orders faster and at a competitive rate without sacrificing the quality our customers have come to expect from XCAL INDUSTRIES.


When a request for a quote comes in, our engineers review the order immediately to see if we can satisfy your need with the tooling we have on hand. Our first concern is to do what is best for the customer, and we know that lowering your cost without sacrificing quality helps your bottom line.


Not every order is “standard” and our customers have come to rely on our ability to manufacture quality custom tungsten carbide preforms for specialty applications. Our engineers and metallurgists will work with you to provide the best possible solution to fit your specifications. 

Our ability to produce a broad range of sizes and shapes of tungsten carbide products and custom powder blends means that if your customer can imagine it, we can help you make it.



In a perfect world, your customer would order their finished parts in one complete run. In reality, you are often quoting on the promise of a large order, but delivery is requested in stages. You know that over the course of the year, you will need 100,000 preforms for a given client, but their order will be a series of short-term runs. 

We can manufacture and stock the entire order, then ship and invoice those parts as needed. You receive the best possible price, which allows you to not only pass those savings on to your customer but also gives you the ability to quote faster turnaround times giving you a competitive edge.

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