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Tungsten carbide can hold up to the harshest environments and is used in applications where parts and tools have to endure high temperatures, corrosion, extreme abrasion and high impact or high compressive loads. Applications calling for tungsten carbide are similar in that the environment is extreme, but every application has very specific requirements when it comes to carbide grades.


XCAL INDUSTRIES produces over 50 grades of carbide in-house using our customized powder production process for optimal quality control. Our team works with these grades every day to press and sinter over 1.2 million parts per month. That expertise allows us to determine a match for any manufacturer’s grade, and in some cases, we will recommend a grade that is even better for your particular application. 

Our expertise goes beyond delivering on standard requests.
We have the know-how and flexibility to create custom grades and custom blended powders, often within a week, to meet your specifications.

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